Israel had a tall ‘king’ named Saul,

‘Head and shoulders above’ them all;

But, in faith, he was least

Scared, acting as priest,

Showing ‘pride goeth before a fall’;

In body, Saul was a big bruiser,

Yet in choices, such a poor chooser;

Despite having plenty,

Saul lived in envy,

So in life he was just a big loser.

COMMENTARY: See 1st Samuel chapters 13 & 14, in light of 1st Samuel 9:2 & 1st Samuel 16:7.  Interestingly, Saul’s original calling – and the anointing that God assigned the prophet Samuel to give Saul (see 1st Samuel 9:16 & 1st Samuel 10:1) — was to be a “captain” of the LORD’s army, not a “king” per se.  (Recall that this timeframe was during the period of the “judges”, before Israel was rules by a “king”.).  According to Genesis 49:10, a legitimate “king” of Israel was supposed to come from the tribe of Judah, but Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin.  However, despite Samuel’s prophetic warning of disaster, the Israelites insisted that Saul nonetheless be accepted as Israel’s “king” – and the outcome was ugly and tragic.


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