Once when the clergy were rotten,
God’s Word was all but forgotten;
The priests were so bad,
God selected a lad
Quick deaths ended those priests’ hot-snottin’!

COMMENTARY:  1st Samuel chapters 2-4.  Eli had two corrupt sons, Hophni and Phineas. neither of whom knew the Lord.  Eli himself was guilty of nepotism (see 1st Samuel 2:29-30), an abuse-of-ministry sin that God punished him for.  All three of those men died the same day (1st Samuel 4:17-18).  The “lad” who replaced Eli was the boy Samuel (one of several who brought bad news to Eli –see 1st Samuel chapter 3:10-18), who represented God during the days of Saul and David, when Israel transitioned from a nation guided by “judges” to one ruled by “kings”.  Choices have consequences.  Yes, we have limited freedom to make choices — but our freedom ends there, because consequences are built-in to the choices we make.  May God bless us with guidance and wisdom in our decision-making, as we honor God more than our family members (see 1st Samuel 2:29-30).


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