Atheist advertising campaign launched

The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” PSALM 14:1.  [example of fool:  atheist Richard Dawkins, photo by The Spectator]

DAWKINS’  DOOM  IS  AS  HARSH  AS  DAWKINS’  ATHEISM    (a lamentation for a self-damned fool named Richard Dawkins,  and that’s not cussing)

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Though his history, in time, is brief

Proved guilty, he’ll be, as a thief;

Hawkins’ folly exposed,

“Science” career closed

Blasphemies, at death, end in grief.

COMMENTARY:  See Psalm 14:1 & 1st Timothy 6:20.  (See also Romans chapter 1.) This limerick was composed on Father’s Day (June 18th AD2006).  However, please do not suspect that my father was an atheist — he was not (and he is not).  Actually, I was pondering my forefathers (and foremothers) as I reviewed parts of Dr. Bill Cooper’s monumental genealogical/demographic research in his book AFTER THE FLOOD, and afterward I reviewed the introduction that Dr. Bill gave to his edition of PALEY’S WATCHMAKER, which soundly refutes (in advance) the science-fiction-spouting irrationality of Richard Dawkins’ evolutionary atheism, which inane irrationality, incidentally, is strikingly similar to the sanity-abandoning “‘science’ falsely so-called” of atheist Stephen Hawking.



There once was a farmer named Cain
God’s favor he once sought to gain;
For fruit of cursed ground,
Cain just got God’s frown,
Because faith did lack in Cain’s brain.

Abel, however, believed God
(Since God’s true, that didn’t seem odd);
In Woman’s-Seed, Abel believed;
So, through Christ, Abel was received,
Since Abel’s faith was no façade.

In envy, Cain rages and hated,
So, in guile, Abel he baited;
God’s mercy Cain had nixed,
So Cain’s sin was unfixed,
Then Abel’s life Cain terminated.

Of truth Cain was a perverter;
Blood cried from the dead sheep-herder;
Sin despises what’s right,
And fuels hate and spite
Spawning lies, loathing, and murder.

There’s more of the history to tell,
Yet Abel’s outcome turned out well;
Due to Christ’s sacrifice,
Abel gained paradise,
But Cain sent himself straight to Hell.

COMMENTARY:  Unbelievers , since the world’s first family, have displayed how unbelievers scoff at and reject God’s redemptive grace (which is provided in Christ), even despising it (and their loving Creator-God Who offers it).  Moreover, unbelievers are not shy (when opportunity allows) to persecute believers, sometimes even to death.  See Genesis 4:1-16; Hebrews 11:4; James 3:16; Matthew 23:35; Luke 1:70 & 11:51; 1st John 3:12; Jude 1:11.