At a Florida Rally America’s First Lady Prays the Lord’s Prayer!

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Despite foes’ flak fierce and unfair,
Donald Trump works, fast, and with care,
Rejecting news that is fake,
Our nation’s worth to remake
As Mrs. Trump prays the Lord’s Prayer!


COMMENTARY:   See 1st Timothy 2:1-3.  Pray for President Trump and his family, and for America—that God will equip and sustain and guide President Trump (and his team) to do extraordinary good for America (and the world), notwithstanding those truth-haters who despise and oppose him (and his team, and the American people, and even moreso the God Who historically established and blessed America).  It is a wonderful and encouraging change to have America’s First Lady display public reverence and dependence upon God, by reciting (and praying) the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13, KJV) to the rally last Friday (i.e., February 18th, AD2017) just before introducing her husband to the crowd. Christians are commanded to pray for government leaders (1st Timothy 2:1-3). It is a privilege and a pleasure to pray for this President and for his team (including his family). May God equip, sustain, and guide President Trump, in order that he “bear not the sword in vain”, as “the minister of God, [serving as] a revenger to execute wrath upon the one who does evil” – while he simultaneously commends those who “do good” (see Romans 13:3-4).  May God be merciful to America — as He cleans house (including draining the Swamp) “big league”!

Photo credits: See CNS News or BCNN1 (Black Christian News Network One) for close-up photo; rally context photo from FOX News network (2-18-AD2017).  For a youtube recording of this historic event, see .



Donald Trump’s victory speech (11-9-AD2016)       CNN photo

When in history the LORD acts, He speaks,
Yet speaking not like pollster geeks;
As one God demotes,
Another He promotes,
With help, sometimes, from WikiLeaks!

COMMENTARY:   See Psalm 75:7 (“But God is the Judge; He puts down one, and He sets up another”) & Daniel 2:21.   God rules in the affairs of mankind, regardless of whether or when humans notice and/or admit it.   See also Daniel 4:17 & 4:37.   The word “judgments” [often as  mishpateka = “Thy judgments”] appears at least 20 times in Psalm 119, a psalm that focuses on how God reveals His truth to mankind.  Of course, the Holy Bible is the ultimate, most authoritative, and most perspicuous revelation of God’s truth to mankind;  however, God’s providential workings in history can also reveal His will to those “with eyes to see” it — and, when God so, His Providential history-communicated truth produces moral accountability (as Daniel reminded Belshazzar, especially in Daniel 5:21-23).