Trump Rejects the False Alarmism of the ‘Paris Climate Accord’ Scam

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. (Genesis 8:22)



Dr. James J. S. Johnson

While ‘global warming’ scams try to scare us
Obama signed a bad deal to snare us
A hoax on emissions
For crooked ambitions
But Trump dumped the agreement of Paris!

COMMENTARY:  As Genesis 8:22 indicates, God has established seasonal cycles that we can depend upon, allowing limited variety in climate, contained within bounds of resilience and regularity. At times the earth gets warmer (like the Medieval Warm Period, when the Viking Age flourished); at other times it cools (like the Little Ice Age, when the Hanseatic League saw its monopoly dissipate). But it is both empirical dishonesty (i.e., science fiction, mobilized by political funding) and quixotic silliness to suggest that mere mortals can change global climate patterns – much less control them! Yet such fake science is used to rationalize power-grabbing politics, with economic disasters imposed upon the so-called “little people”. Thankfully, President Trump batted one such scam away – as if striking it with a hockey stick – when he announced (on June 1st of AD2017) that America was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord. One more victory for truth and justice – a win for America, for real-world science, and genuine “social justice”.

Fair Use photo credit (President Trump keeping campaign promises): Daily Signal

Political cartoon spoofing Obama’s “global warming” alarmism:  Branco



James J. S. Johnson, Esq.


“Drain the Swamp !”   (image credit: Black Republican Blog)

‘Twas the night after Week 1
And all through the Swamp,
Not a leftist was purring
With power or pomp.

Liberals with hangovers
Wallowed from binging,
While fake-news reporters
From facts were a-cringing.

With Week 1 concluded
Many slept snug in their beds,
While memories of Trump’s actions
Danced in their heads.

Could all this be true?
How wrong were those polls!
WikiLeaks! Twitter!
Now Trump’s scoring goals!

With media frenzy
There arose such a clatter!
It drove the Left crazy
That, now, all lives matter.


(INAUGURATION FRIDAY, in the afternoon)

To halt Bummer-care burdens
Trump moved like a flash
The E.O. issued Friday(1)
Aimed at saving our cash.

Then Priebus’ Friday memo(2)
Stirred buzzing like bees,
Shutting down reg-making
By a reg-making freeze.


(MONDAY, January 23rd)

Trump’s memo on Monday(3)
Helped babies unborn,
Restoring a policy
That aborters have scorned.

Also on Monday
A memo was made(4) —
Trashing T.P.P.
To safeguard our trade

So new U.S. trade deals
Must be “one-to-one”,
Helping our workers
Or that deal we’ll shun.

And again, on that same Monday,
A third memo came, in due course,(5)
A hiring freeze is now imposed,
Except to add military force.


(TUESDAY, January 24th)

Trump’s E.O. Tuesday(6)
Prioritized goals:
Bridges and airports
Highways with potholes.

Our electric grids
And airport repair,
Pipeline and ports
Must get improved care.

So EPA delays
Should not force us behind;
Go, expedite projects!
Make the process streamlined!

With Tuesday’s actions
So lively and quick,
I knew in a moment
Swamp rats felt a kick!

One memo on Tuesday(7)
Favors business at home,
Streamlining permits
So factories won’t roam.

Our job loss crisis
We must now address;
Factory permitting
We must now assess.

That memo on Tuesday
Aims at this whole mess,
To streamline permits
So regs can cost less.

The goal of Trump’s memo
Is easy to guess:
To promote more goods
“Made in the U.S.”

Also on Tuesday
Came more memos, three(8)  —
On pipeline constructions
To get more energy.

More rapid than eagles
Trump’s memos, they came;
Yet not just talk, action!
(Not like excuses lame.)

“Now, Keystone!” “Now, Dakota!”
“Now, U.S.-produced steel!”
“Expedite a re-app!”
“Rein in those regs! Heel!”

Ninety percent done –
NAPL must be loosed;
While pipelines at home
Use steel there produced.


(WEDNESDAY, January 25th)

E.O.s on Wednesday
Made U.S. foes chafe;
Both of those E.O.s
Aimed at making us safe.

Boundaries matter
Like lines in the sand;
One E.O. on Wednesday(9)
Concerns the Rio Grande.

“Go, secure the border!”
“Go, construct the wall!”
“Shoo, drug traffickers!”
“Dash away, all!”

So human trafficking
And life-breaking drugs,
Terrorist networks
And all kinds of thugs . . . .

Must be excluded
Repelled from our nation;
Please, build the wall, now!
Without hesitation!

Some immmigrants aren’t safe
Bearing disease and infection;
With border security
Each must pass inspection.

So that E.O.’s purpose
Is just, and it’s clear:
We need a real border
To guard our nation dear.

Also on Wednesday
Another E.O. came,(10)
Clarifying the law:
This is no “P.C.” game.

Getting federal funds
May make cities merry,
But that party’s over
For each “sanctuary”.

Flaunting the laws
To rebels seems funny;
We’ll see who laughs last
When Trumps stops their money!


(THURSDAY, January 26th)

On Trump’s first Thursday
We learned he does care,
About learning in schools,
About how students fare.

And so, to emphasize
More choices in schools,
Trump praised market options
As our best learning tools.

So, public or private
Parents can now select,
Or home school-based learning
If families so elect.

Thus school choice Trump favors
Says Trump’s proclamation(11)  —
Let NEA compete
To its own consternation!


(FRIDAY, January 27th)

Trump’s first week in office
Closed with expectations;
Using Friday’s E.O.(12)
Trump secured immigrations.

Some shrink from real vetting
As killers come to serve ISIS;
So what controls are needed
To fix our refugee crisis?

Acting as refugees
In slip many fakes;
Thanks to Friday’s E.O.
Trump slammed on the brakes!

Leftists hate “extreme vetting”;
Terrorists hate it too –
But what good is gatekeeping
If anyone comes through?



What a week it has been:
How fast, yet how fair!
Trump’s eyes, how they twinkled!
(And, yes, that’s his real hair.)

There’s been more, of course,
Such as cabinet picks,
What of voter fraud?
There’s so much to fix!

Meetings and phone calls:
Mexico and U.K.,
Russia and Israel
So much on each day!

As the cabinet grows
And the White House staff,
The naysayers whine
(But I sit back and laugh!)

Reporters fume on
Bile and disputin’ –
Stunned by the election
Which they blame on Putin!

Yet a wink of Trump’s eye
As he turns up his thumb,
Soon gave me to know
God’s blessing has come!

But I heard Trump exclaim
As the hour grew late,
“This is just my first week
To make America great!”


(May God bless you, your family, and your team, President Trump!)


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Political Cartoon credit (from Black Republican Blog):


COMMENTARY:  This poem is intended to encourage Christians to pray for our God-ordained authorities in government, including but not limited to President & Mrs. Trump, and all others who are part of the Trump team (whether seen by the public or not) who are working to “make America great again”.  See 1st Timothy 2:1-3 (“I exhort, therefore, that … supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men, for kings, and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty, for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior”).  See also Romans 13:1-8, plus Nehemiah  chapters 1-6 (basis of Dr. Robert Jeffress’ pre-inauguration exhortation to the incoming President and Vice-President and their wives, 1-20-AD2017).

For an earlier poem about President Donald J. Trump (and God’s providence), in limerick format, see “God’s Providential Judgments Reveal His Will (and Sometimes His Mercy, Too)”,  posted at 

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James J. S. Johnson, Esq.
attorney in Texas & Colorado (and several federal courts)
January 28th AD2017