Full spectrum prayer: P.R.A.Y.I.N.G.


Pray without ceasing   (1st Thessalonians 5:17)

During the mid-AD1970s, thanks to God’s kind providence, I studied the Bible in Maryland, under the best Bible teacher I can imagine, Bob Webel.  Since I never had much of a memory for details (or, as I prefer to say, — being more gifted in seeing, appreciating, and remembering the big picture), I have benefited for decades from the practical memory helps that Bob taught me (and my friends), such as acrostics that  help with prayer and/or Bible study.  In time (i.e., during AD1976, to be exact), I consructed an original acrostic to appreciate 7 aspects of prayer, using this user-friendly acrostic:

P: praise (objectively appreciating God for Who He is, giving Him credit He is due);

R: reliance (actively relying on God to be Who He is, and trusting Him to keep His Word);

A: admission (confessing to God my personal wrongs, both sins of commission and sins of omission);

Y: yieldedness (submitting myself to God for His service, like Isaiah’s “here I am, LORD, send me”);

I: intercession (praying for God’s work in the lives of others, including prayers for their basic needs);

N: needs (requesting what I/we need (such as job needs or “give us this day our daily bread . . .”); and

G: gratitude (subjectively thanking God for creating me, for Who He is in my life, for redemption, etc.).

Pretty simple and straight-forward.  If this acrostic helps your praying, use it to God’s glory!   ><> JJSJ