Dr. James J. S. Johnson

“But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly; therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, because He hath prepared for them a city.”   (Hebrews 11:16)

God has promised us a glorious future, a home in Heaven with Him forever — a good destiny beyond our best expectations!   And God is not bashful about His promise because He knows that he is faithful and shall make it happen when the timing is right.  God will never be ashamed of promises He makes, because He always fulfills His promises.

Being made in God’s image means that we should live out moral behavior that is like God — we should be truthful, gracious, kind, caring, appreciative of beauty, etc.

So human merchants should be honest.  Yet the fact that legislatures pass consumer protection/antifraud laws (with names like “Deceptive Trade — Consumer Protection Act”) is a reminder of how fallen the human race is — we routinely fail to live out our mandate of honoring God as creatures made in His image.  So, BUYER BEWARE!

Of course, cheating merchants eventually earn a public reputation for dishonesty — and that reputation eventually punishes a lot of mercantile dishonesty.

Dishonest merchants often end up in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, for reasons like this — this I personally witnessed frequently many such commercial scams and schemes, including many “bust-out” frauds, as a Board-certified specialist in Business Bankruptcy Law, in Texas (active in federal bankruptcy courts, mostly representing creditors), during the timeframe of AD1990 through AD2010.

But this same problem can appear even in trivial scenarios, such as grocery stores dishonoring their own coupons.

Accordingly, a limerick follows.


Bison sausage, when grilled, is a treat;
What pleasant, nutritious red meat!
But a coupon we used
Sad to say, ‘twas refused
Now why would store clerks try to cheat?

(JJSJ sampling Cod Liver Oil — obviously this is not a photograph of eating Bison Sausage.)

Honesty is the best policy!  (See, accord, Romans 13:7.)