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The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” PSALM 14:1.  [example of fool:  atheist Richard Dawkins, photo by The Spectator]

DAWKINS’  DOOM  IS  AS  HARSH  AS  DAWKINS’  ATHEISM    (a lamentation for a self-damned fool named Richard Dawkins,  and that’s not cussing)

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Though his history, in time, is brief

Proved guilty, he’ll be, as a thief;

Hawkins’ folly exposed,

“Science” career closed

Blasphemies, at death, end in grief.

COMMENTARY:  See Psalm 14:1 & 1st Timothy 6:20.  (See also Romans chapter 1.) This limerick was composed on Father’s Day (June 18th AD2006).  However, please do not suspect that my father was an atheist — he was not (and he is not).  Actually, I was pondering my forefathers (and foremothers) as I reviewed parts of Dr. Bill Cooper’s monumental genealogical/demographic research in his book AFTER THE FLOOD, and afterward I reviewed the introduction that Dr. Bill gave to his edition of PALEY’S WATCHMAKER, which soundly refutes (in advance) the science-fiction-spouting irrationality of Richard Dawkins’ evolutionary atheism, which inane irrationality, incidentally, is strikingly similar to the sanity-abandoning “‘science’ falsely so-called” of atheist Stephen Hawking.

Evolution’s Counterfeit History Perpetuates Identity Fraud

Evolution’s Counterfeit History Perpetrates Identity Fraud
James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D.


Evolution teachings can perpetrate identity fraud due to two of its traits: (1) evolution theory is ubiquitous – it is taught almost everywhere; and (2) evolution theory provides a counterfeit history of human identity, because it is a fraudulent report of family history.

I. Evolutionary Assumptions about Human History are “Everywhere”.

The creation versus evolution controversy is ubiquitous—it’s virtually everywhere. Evolutionists routinely and repeatedly provide the public with a counterfeit history of human origins (and of cosmic origins), and that tall tale is so pervasive that it is largely unnoticed  —  hidden in plain view.(1)

What if I Had Never Been Born?

Before we look at a couple of examples, let’s consider first how God’s creation is the most basic blessing that He has given to each one of us. If God did not make us to start with, no other blessing would matter. He created each one of us as unique individuals. Each human being was deliberately planned, foreknown, and provided for by God as the exact person He intended him or her to be.

While I was touring the World War II museums in Fredericksburg, Texas, recently, I considered this contingency: What if the two atomic bombs had not been dropped on Japan, catalyzing a quick surrender by the Japanese emperor and thereby ending World War II?(2)

The Allies would have invaded the Japanese homeland with several hundreds of thousands of troops. In fact, hundreds of thousands of Purple Heart awards were already authorized for manufacture in anticipation of the expected casualties. Many hundreds of thousands would likely have been killed and/or wounded, with a million deaths, counting both sides, expected during the year to follow such an invasion. But Japan chose surrender rather than risk any more atomic bombs.

Had the war continued, my father would have been one of the U.S. Marines sent to invade Japan’s shores. As my wife and I viewed the museum exhibits, I considered the possible end result of this scenario. My father may have been killed, so my siblings and I might have never been born. There are many such what-if scenarios that our minds cannot fully comprehend, but they pose no problem for God.(3)

Evolutionist Teaching Illustrated in Military History

During World War II, the Allies exerted great efforts to learn the military secrets of their adversaries. They monitored radio transmissions from Germany, Italy, and Japan, and then tried to decipher the encoded messages.(4)

Japanese officials stationed in Germany and in Italy reported military information to Japan, so the interception of their military transmissions—if and when the content could be accurately and timely deciphered—often provided military secrets not only of the Japanese, but also about the war machines of Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy. Consequently, American and British code-breakers carefully scrutinized whatever they could learn from military messages sent from Germany or Italy to Japan.

Allied researchers also sought intelligence from non-coded sources, such as local newspapers. One piece of intelligence displayed the strategic team spirit that was then developing between Japan and Italy. This intercepted information contained an evolutionary theme that should be familiar to readers of Acts & Facts:

The Foreign Office had no need of codebreakers to interpret many of the Japanese and German moves towards a grand alliance with Mussolini’s Italy. Sujimura [a Japanese ambassador in Rome] was regarded as a moderate in Japanese terms, but in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, he spoke of an “identity of ideas” between Japan and Italy: “We consider ourselves to be in the same condition. Overpopulation creates for obvious reasons the right to occupy more territory and the rights of civilization demand that people install themselves in those areas where the inhabitants stand in need of human evolution.(5)

This quote shows that the Japanese leadership was using human evolution to rationalize Japan’s ongoing conquest of Pacific and Indian Ocean countries. The “need” for human evolution made unprovoked military conquest acceptable; the supposedly under-evolved peoples of Korea, China, Indochina, and the Pacific islands needed to have their territories evolutionarily improved by being conquered by the Japanese, who, of course, were “superior” in their own human evolution.

Most Americans know that Adolf Hitler argued evolutionary science to justify his genocidal mass murders of Jews and Slavs, but many do not know that Japanese propagandists sang the same social Darwinism song before and during World War II. Evolutionary thinking is not limited to academics, television documentaries, and television ads selling insurance.

Even Japanese political propaganda (and military codes) demonstrated the pervasiveness of evolutionist teaching.

Evolutionist Teaching illustrated in Cuisine Literature  

Evolutionary storytelling even taints cuisine literature. Consider this quotation from a recipe book featuring favorites from the Alpine countries:

Since the beginning of time man has been preoccupied with obtaining meat for his daily meals. At first he was limited to the hunting of wild animals, but with the birth of civilization the flesh of domesticated cows, pigs, and sheep also became available.(6)

This recipe book assumes an early history of humanity that clashes with the Genesis record. Genesis negates the myth of primitive cavemen limited to hunter-gatherer food acquisition. Cain, the first man born on earth, was a farmer; his younger brother Abel was a shepherd.(7)  Agriculture is as old as the first human family. Also, eating the flesh of animals—domestic or wild—was not a part of God’s food program for humans until after the Flood.(8)  Yet, how casually secular literature assumes and portrays the mythology of human evolution in every form of literature—even cookbooks!

The True Nature of Nature: Testifying to Truth

Secular military politics and cookbooks aside, what is the real story of creation concerning the kind of world we live in and the kind of people we are? The Holy Bible provides true answers to these important questions about the real world and life itself. Jesus said, “Thy word is truth” (John 17:17). And it is the truth of the Scriptures that satisfies because it is really true! This life only makes sense when the Bible’s answers are accepted and relied upon. It is only God’s truth that satisfies the big questions about life, as Joe Macphee, a happy Hebridean man, learned:

I was born in the Hebridean island of Barra, one of a family of nine children.…My father, who was in the merchant navy, died in 1967 and my mother was left with nine children to attend to. It was a hard upbringing but a happy one.… [Joe then summarizes his spiritually empty experience with closed-Bible Churchianity]…. In early 1988 I was beginning to notice things about the creation—it was suddenly becoming so beautiful that it would bring tears to my eyes….In the Lord’s providence I was directed to purchase a house in an area surrounded by Christians, who witnessed of their faith in Christ. Some of the stories they [i.e., the Protestant believers] would tell me I would initially dismiss as lies but gradually I found myself believing them and in a strange way wanting to hear more and to have what these people had.(9)

The good news is that Joe Macphee learned what the Bible teaches about redemption in Christ Jesus, so he acquired real truth about God’s creation and about his own life, including his need for Christ as his personal Savior. That was more than 20 years ago.(10)

There are many others like Joe who seek true answers—biblical answers—for questions to which our humanistic culture provides only deceptive distractions, like human evolution stories. Whether theistic or atheistic, such stories fuel unbiblical imaginations about human life, sometimes condoning immoral conduct in the name of needed evolutionary improvement.

Evolutionary stories—the counterfeit history of God’s creation—are propagated everywhere around us. Evolutionary teaching is so ubiquitous that we often don’t recognize it when we read military history or a recipe book, because the false story of evolution is so casually, confidently, and constantly “hidden in plain view.”

But God’s truth is present everywhere for those with eyes to see it (Romans 10:17-18; Psalm 19:1-4). For more than 41 years, ICR has been showcasing and clarifying biblical answers about human life and God’s creation. God’s wonderful truth is only “hidden” from those who refuse the truth that He has freely provided in His Word.

II. Evolutionary Teachings about Human Identity are Fraudulent.

Identities matter. I recently lost my credit card, triggering a host of worries and questions: Where and when did I last use the card? Did I leave it in my pants pocket? Is it on the floor of my car? Should I slowly look through every part of my wallet for the fifth time?

After exhausting my mental checklist of where it could be, I called the credit card company to report a “lost or stolen” card and to cancel the account. After I convinced the person on the phone that I was the true cardholder, I asked about the credit card’s latest transactions, to see if it was being fraudulently used already. The last use was at a Texas steakhouse the night before (where my wife and I had eaten). Whew! Abandoning the request to cancel the card with an optimistic prayer, I called the restaurant—and yes, they had my credit card stowed away in their safe.

Only time will tell if my card’s information was stolen and kept for future fraudulent purchases. It is reassuring to know that God is providentially controlling the details of our lives, so whatever trials we encounter were approved by Him before they reach us (1 Corinthians 10:13; Romans 8:28; Genesis 50:20).

Misplacing a credit card is no trivial concern—identity fraud is a terrible crime and a messy problem to fix. And when one’s personal identity as a special creation is counterfeited, it produces another kind of “identity fraud” that is even scarier, with much graver problems.

How Can Your Family History Suffer Evolutionary “Identity Fraud”?

When I attended public school as a child, my personal identity was compromised when I was taught that Earth is billions of years old and that my family descended from subhuman “cave men,” alleged precursors to Homo sapiens — true mankind.(11)

In short, I was taught that the family history reported in Genesis was unhistorical and unreliable. If my teachers and textbooks were correct, the biblical account of my family history was not true.

So, what was my real family history?

If the evolutionary tale were true, I am not the human creature described in the Bible. If Darwin’s “natural selection” hypothesis was true (which it is not), the Bible’s teaching about the origin of animal kinds and humans would have to be untrustworthy.  (But — as I would learn — it is the notion of “natural selection” that is false, not the history of Genesis.)

Answers that I sometimes received in church—for example, saying that the Bible is only “inspired” when it teaches about “spiritual” truth but not on details about “non-spiritual” matters —further confounded the problems and questions about my true origins. Because every spiritual aspect of Scripture is inextricably contextualized by “non-spiritual” details, so just trusting the “spiritual” parts of the Bible was more confusion than a solution. For example, Jesus came to Earth as a Jew, not a Mede or Persian (Galatians 3:16). Jesus was born in Bethlehem (as prophesied in Micah 5:2), not in Damascus or Dallas. The resurrection of Christ is a spiritually crucial fact, but what about the three days (instead of two or four) that He was in the grave? Was it spiritually crucial that Christ be physically resurrected?

One Scripture-abusing clergyman told me that it was only important to believe that Christ “lives again” in the lives of His followers, as they follow His teachings (what he called a “spiritual resurrection”). But that “spiritualizing” interpretation obviously clashes, irreconcilably, with the comprehensive explanation Paul provides, in 1st Corinthians chapter 15, about the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

How Can You Recover Your “Missing” Family History?

As a college freshman, I wrestled with these big-picture family history questions, not realizing how much “identity fraud” I had already experienced. But God soon provided answers to these questions and clarified the truth about my actual family history, disproving those Genesis-contradicting misrepresentations.

It was like the helpful credit card company employee who provided clues to where I had been in the past so I could restore what was missing. Several of God’s servants helped me in my critically important college years, applying 1 Peter 3:15 and Jude 1:3-4 to real-world apologetics. Only two will be mentioned here, to illustrate how real answers can be given to real questions.

In God’s kind providence, my first major hurdle was recognizing that the Genesis record unavoidably conflicts with the evolutionary depiction of human origins.(12) Despite strained attempts by theistic evolutionist harmonizers to blend (and “reconcile”) Scripture and Darwinism, the bottom line is Genesis and evolutionary theory cannot both be true — there is no “redeeming Darwin”.(13)

Chaplain Bob Webel, (then) my college pastor, clarified that fundamental fact for me by explaining the authoritative relevance of Romans 5:12-21—the Bible teaches that our redemption through Christ depends upon the Genesis history being literally true.(14) That meant that the evolutionist explanation of life was not even close to being true. But what about the fossil “evidence” for evolution? Bob Webel provided a quick solution to that problem in a thought-provoking tract, “Have You Been Brainwashed?“, written by Dr. Duane Gish of the Institute for Creation Research.(15) Although I didn’t appreciate the scientific details then, it was immediately clear that the biblical creationists had a lot to say, and they obviously had scholarly reasons for their beliefs (1 Peter 3:15).

Dr. Gish raised challenges that embarrassed the evolutionary accident scenario, such as how did an imagined primordial “soup” accidentally and unerringly form all left-handed amino acids to make life eons ago when the statistical odds for forming each amino acid as either right-handed or left-handed was always 50-50?(15),(16)  Then Bob Webel loaned me Dr. Gish’s paleontology book Evolution: The Fossils Say No!

Next, Bob told me to read The Genesis Flood by Drs. John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris. Bob also encouraged me to sign up for a free subscription to Acts & Facts.

As the ICR materials gave me a worldview “housecleaning” by showing how the evolutionary scenario was illogical, unscientific, and unreliable, Bob guided me and my friends through the Scriptures. There, I discovered my true family history, including my own personal identity as a human creature redeemed by Christ my Creator. This dismantled earlier identity fraud confusion.

Pass It On

What are you doing to help people escape the identity fraud they may have suffered from evolutionary teachings—from schools, television, movies, textbooks, secular museums, and even churches?

Like Bob Webel and Dr. Duane Gish, who provided real answers, we all can provide help to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the truth. ICR stands ready to help. Please use our resources to help solve identity fraud problems. Although many refuse the truth about Christ’s creation, some will gladly learn and love the truth when it arrives:

He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. He came unto His own, and His own received Him not. But as many as received Him, to them gave He power [Greek: exousia, literally “authority”] to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name (John 1:10-12).


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2. What is planned doesn’t always occur. The two atomic bombs, dropped on August 6 and 9, 1945, were planned for Hiroshima and Kokura, respectively, but the Kokura bomb (“Fat Man”) was dropped on Nagasaki instead. Six days later, Japan announced its unconditional surrender to the Allies.
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