O Edinburgh (Remembering the Great Forthside Port)

I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed.  (Psalm 119:46)

O Edinburgh (Remembering the Great Forthside Port)

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

O Edinburgh, great Forthside port,
Old city, where Knox preached in court;
Just to walk your Royal Mile,
Warms my heart, makes me smile –
O Edinburgh, of famed kirk and fort.

JOHN KNOX (St. Giles Kirk statue): Electric Scotland photo credit

COMMENTARY: Unforgettable – visiting Edinburgh’s Royal Mile during the summer of AD2002.  That memorable trip (which trip included the privilege of meeting historian-scholar Dr. Bill Cooper face-to-face!) was part of a tour bus-facilitated excursion that was part of a cruise, aboard the NORWEGIAN DREAM, with my wife and mother-in-law.  The great Calvinist/Presbyterian Reformer, John Knox, faithfully preached the Scriptures in St. Giles Kirk (cathedral), during the AD1500s, and also repeatedly confronted Scotland’s Queen Mary with the Protestant Reformation’s truths.  Knox’s biogenetic descendants include Dr. John Witherspoon, who signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence and who also taught Biblical Hebrew to John Madison, the chief author of the U.S. Constitution and Bill or Rights (and 4th U.S. president).


PHOTO CREDITTS: St. Giles Kirk: Pinterest;  John Knox statue at St. Giles Kirk: Electric Scotland; Edinburgh Castle: MustSeePlaces.com


Atheist advertising campaign launched

The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’.” PSALM 14:1.  [example of fool:  atheist Richard Dawkins, photo by The Spectator]

DAWKINS’  DOOM  IS  AS  HARSH  AS  DAWKINS’  ATHEISM    (a lamentation for a self-damned fool named Richard Dawkins,  and that’s not cussing)

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Though his history, in time, is brief

Proved guilty, he’ll be, as a thief;

Hawkins’ folly exposed,

“Science” career closed

Blasphemies, at death, end in grief.

COMMENTARY:  See Psalm 14:1 & 1st Timothy 6:20.  (See also Romans chapter 1.) This limerick was composed on Father’s Day (June 18th AD2006).  However, please do not suspect that my father was an atheist — he was not (and he is not).  Actually, I was pondering my forefathers (and foremothers) as I reviewed parts of Dr. Bill Cooper’s monumental genealogical/demographic research in his book AFTER THE FLOOD, and afterward I reviewed the introduction that Dr. Bill gave to his edition of PALEY’S WATCHMAKER, which soundly refutes (in advance) the science-fiction-spouting irrationality of Richard Dawkins’ evolutionary atheism, which inane irrationality, incidentally, is strikingly similar to the sanity-abandoning “‘science’ falsely so-called” of atheist Stephen Hawking.



Dr. Bill Cooper (ICR-SOBA online professor)  &  JJSJ


Dr. James J. S. Johnson

   For me, teaching college is quite fine,

But commuting? — (I don’t want to whine),

Yet driving to school

Means traffic and fuel;

That’s why I like teaching online!

All teaching’s a gift of God’s grace,

Yet there’s something to say for a “place“;

As God-assigned teachers

We’re space-and-time creatures,

So it’s good, too, to teach face-to-face.

COMMENTARY:  Regarding the unique value of face-to-face communication, see 2nd John 1:12.  Since AD1991, by God’s grace, I have taught at Bible-grounded studies in Christian colleges in Texas (LeTourneau University, Dallas Christian College, Concordia University Texas at Fort Worth, and ICR-SOBA), plus occasional mentor-teaching for ECCS (in Arkansas), and some guest-lecturing elsewhere (e.g., Southern Methodist University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Tyndale Theological Seminary, Montgomery College at Rockville).  In all of those schools I have taught face-to-face, in traditional classrooms (and, in the case of certain ecology courses, augmented by field studies), yet in the past dozen years most of my teaching has been online (or a mix of online with some face-to-face teaching).  Of course, teaching aboard cruise ships (which I have happily done, on 9 different cruise ships, since AD1998) can only be accomplished aboard ship!  Honoring God in all such teaching opportunities (whether online or face-to-face) is quite doable, if one has “eyes to see”.  Also, His Scripture-based guidance and enabling providences, in all such truth-teaching opportunities, should be appreciated with gratitude, accountability, diligent attention to accuracy and relevance, and dependence upon Him.  The logistical advantages to online teaching are obvious — how else could I teach graduate students in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, as I have in recent years?  Even so, there are some real advantages to face-to-face teaching, not the least of which is sharing food and coffee with students in conjunction with on-campus class meetings.


ICR-SOBA  night  college  (mid-evening  refreshments):   Jarlsberg  cheese,   fruit,  &  crackers   (by  Sherry)

russian-train-in-finland.ad2006Russian steam-engine train in Finland, summer of AD2006 (cruise excursion)