Celebrating her 105th Birthday!

Celebrating her 105th Birthday!

Dr. James J. S. Johnson

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.  …  The days of our years are 70 years, and if by reason of strength they be 80 years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.  …  So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.   (Psalm 90:1, 10, 12)

Yesterday my mother-in-law celebrated her 105th birthday — WOW!  God has blessed her with years well beyond the foreseeable expectancies mentioned within Psalm 90.


Here (with edits to cure typos) is the poem that I wrote and presented for the occasion:



Life was never a bowl of roses, Mom has seen her share of ills;

But life has balanced out for her, with family joys and thrills;

She’s lived a long, long time, and she’s experienced lots;

Eaten squirrel and catfish —  at church she taught the tots;

The sick she’s often fed with meals, she knows her pans and pots;

“Never quit” she role-models  —  she’s from the sturdy Scots.

Mom’s lived through many decades, sometimes tough and sometimes nice;

She raised 2 children years ago, in time she married twice.

Many folks are blessed by her – boys, girls, ladies, men;

Her grandkids number 5, now her great-grands number 10.

A busy-bee, she sold for Stanley, winning many trips,

Traveling by car and airplanes, twice inside cruise ships.*

God has blessed her many times, the Spanish Flu she did survive;

And when she reached the century mark – she was still alive . . . !

Today we celebrate Evelyn’s birth, . . . she’s now 105 ! ! !

[*NOTE Besides most of the USA’s “Lower 48” states, Alaska and Hawaii, Mom visited Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Iceland (!), Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Mexico, Norway (land of some of her ancestors), Sweden, Scotland (land of many of her ancestors), Switzerland (land of other ancestors), etc.]   Some say Mom looks like the Queen of England in the picture below!


As long as I have known her (>40 years), Mom has been proud of being a Baptist and a Texan.  Q:  “Mom, if you weren’t a Texan, what would you be?” A: “Ashamed.”  [Maybe I made that last part up, but she really is patriotic about being a lifelong Texan].  As a lifelong Baptist she has eaten a lot of fried chicken and also has abstained from drinking alcoholic beverages.  However, she recalls, sicknesses (when she was young) were often treated with blackberry wine that her mother made — and “it was good wine!”  Born one of 12 children, Mom was routinely the sickliest of the surviving children, yet she has outlived all of her siblings.  (The Piney Woods of East Texas are a good place for growing timber, farming, ranching, producing steel, and even for growing blackberries.)

For more on Mom’s family history (especially about God’s providence in how the Swiss Glattfelder lineage married into the Scottish Abernethy/Abernathy lineage), see my article “From Germany’s Rhine to the East Texas Pine:  How an Immigrating Line of High German-speaking Glattfelders Stretched to East Texas’ Piney Woods”, JOURNAL OF THE GERMAN-TEXAN HERITAGE SOCIETY, 28(3):246-254 (fall 2005).

POSTSCRIPT  (December AD2019, Mom Coulter celebrated her 106th in Heaven).

Mom went Home to her Lord Jesus Christ, earlier this month, 3 days before her 106th birthday.  Following is the poem that I composed and read at her memorial service, which memorial service was held on her 106th birthday.

Evelyn Abernathy Hall Coulter, Looking Back on a Long Journey

James J. S. Johnson   (son-in-law)   12-9-AD2019   memorial

Life was never a bowl of roses, Evelyn had her share of ills;

But Evelyn’s life balanced out, with ups and downs like hills;

Now she’s home in Heaven – with forever joys and thrills.

As a girl, she learned work, often she’d cook and clean;

Better yet, for her soul, she claimed John 3:16.

Abernathy’s her maiden name — she’s from the sturdy Scots;

Down here she lived a long-long time, and she experienced lots;

The sick she often fed with meals, she worked her pans and pots.

Active in church, growing flowers, making quilts so nice;

Country living, gardening much, killing snakes and mice;

Raising 2 children, years ago, in time she married twice.

Many lives were blessed by her – such as yours and mine;

Her grandkids number 5, her great-grands now are 9.

A busy-bee for Stanley, Evelyn won many trips,

Traveling places far and wide, twice at sea inside cruise ships.*

Adventures, yes!  — she survived a lightning bolt strike!

At 88, in Iceland, she took a mile-long hike.

God sustained her many times, the Spanish Flu she survived;

When she reached her century mark – she was still alive . . .

In fact, this day, last year, she turned age 105 !

106 years, it’s now been, since Evelyn’s Texas birth;

Today we miss her, since she’s gone – Friday she left this Earth;

But she’s quite alive, in glory – glad in Heaven’s mirth:   so, happy birthday, Mom!


*Besides most of the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Switzerland, etc.