Britain is graced by a laird, Bill Cooper,
Whose scholarship is quite super!
From stock of Scotch lochs,
Bill’s a true “paradox”!
Happy birthday, m’laird Bill Cooper!

COMMENTARY:  William R. (“Bill”) Cooper (shown left, by JJSJ, at the Thames, in AD2006) is a true “paradox”, because he earned a “pair of docs”: Ph.D. and Th.D., as well as other academic degrees. As a true Englishman, however, he has experienced the irony of learning about Scottish lineage within his own ancestry, including family history that verifies his status as a Scottish laird (according to applicable peerage laws). More importantly, of course, Dr. Dr. Bill is a Scripture-revering member of God’s forever family, being grafted thereunto by His Kinsman-Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ (by application of John 3:16), Whom Bill routinely glorifies in His prolific publications of Biblical apologetics/research (and his other milestones in God-honoring scholarship, including his educational contributions, as part of the Master Faculty team of ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics).  In his godly life, and in his many scholarly works, Bill exemplifies Ezra 7:10-based living.

Regarding Laird Bill’s notable (and noble) ancestry, see pages 16-18 of “DNA says Manx King, Somerled, the Celebrated Founding Father of Scottish Clans, had a ‘Norse’ Patrilinear Ancestry!”, posted by the Norwegian Society of Texas, at https://www.norwegiansocietyoftexas.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Somerled-family-history.JJSJ-pdf.pdf .  For a list of some leading publications by Dr. Cooper, see his Amazon author page, at: https://www.amazon.com/Bill-Cooper/e/B0034O27IC/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1 .




Recalling how Pudens behaved
Some marveled, when he got saved!
Then he lived a good life,
With his dear “savage” wife,
Now, in Scripture, his name is engraved!

COMMENTARY: This limerick refers to Rufus Pudens, who is mentioned, along with his wife Claudia, and her brother Linus, in 2nd Timothy 4:21 (and in Romans 16:13, by his nickname, Rufus). Pudens was said (by the Roman historian Martial) to have married a “savage” because Pudens married the British Celt Gladys, whose Latinized name is Claudia; her brother’s Celtic name is Llyn, which name is Latinized to Linus. Rufus Pudens, a Roman nobleman, became a Christian — so he married a Christian (Amos 3:3).   Martial thought that Pudens, once a wild “party animal”-type of man, had been “civilized” by his wife, Claudia, who was (ironically) a “savage” by Roman culture prejudices.  In fact, it was the Lord Jesus Christ Who “civilized” Pudens, working through His Spirit Who indwelt Pudens, as a Christian believer (see Ephesians 1:13-14 & Romans 8:9).  See Malcolm Bowden, TRUE SCIENCE AGREES WITH THE BIBLE (Bromley, Kent, England: Sovereign Publications, 1998), pages 124, 136-141, & 147, alluding to historical research by Dr. Bill Cooper [shown in photo, below, with JJSJ, by the River Thames, AD2006].