Dr. James J. S. Johnson


Chicken “Factory”   (Encyclopedia Britannica photo)

4,000 chickens in France once died;

The foul fate of the fowls was decried;

H5N1 shamed!

Yet “vents” now are blamed,

So “bird flu!” should not have been cried.

COMMENTARY: Years ago there was a panic following the sudden death of chickens in France – thousands of chickens – and the immediate fear was “bird flu” caused by a virus named H5N1.  [BBC new report “French Bird Flu Scare Evaporates:  Experts Say Asphyxiation Probably Caused the Deaths of 4,000 Chickens at a Farm in South-eastern France”, once reported at (viewed 1-19-AD2006).   This mysterious occurrence is reported at  as follows:

Bird Flu Ruled Out in France Chicken Deaths (1.04, Tue Dec 19 2006)  Bird flu has been ruled out as the cause of a huge wave of chicken deaths in France. Some 4,000 chickens on a farm in north eastern France died suddenly on Saturday, while another 3,500 chickens at the farm appeared completely healthy. ‘The preliminary results of the tests show an absence of the influenza virus,’ the French Agriculture Ministry said. It added it was likely that a ventilation problem had caused the temperature to rise inside the building housing the chickens, causing the birds to suffocate.”

See also 2nd Timothy 1:7 (illustrating that some are quick to spout about what they don’t understand) & Philippians 4:6-7 (don’t worry, be happy — alarmism is not wise; rather, we should be content in and with God’s providence).

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