James J. S. Johnson, JD, ThD


Jabez knew winning can come with pain,
So God’s blessing he sought, for his gain;
As God increased his farm
God kept him from harm,
Thus Jabez real success did attain.

COMMENTARY: See 1st Chronicles 4:9-10, regarding the real “prayer of Jabez” (which was not an unqualified “blab-it-and-grab-it” selfish prayer). Jabez did not merely ask for gains and successes. As part of his prayer, Jabez asked God to protect him from evil and harm. In other words, Jabez ambitiously sought a life that involved more than what he started with — but only if he was protected from “evil” and “harm”, which could easily come from “gains” and “successes” in life. Typically we are our own worst enemies, unless God protects us from our selfish selves, so the prayer of Jabez, in effect, was an honorable prayer  — that Jabez’s gains and successes would be true blessings — with Jabez being protected from himself, and from the harmful and/or painful woes that all-too-often plague those who are perceived as gaining “success” in this life.

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