Ken Ham refutes Bill Nye the Science-Fiction Guy!


Wow! What a debate last night! Ken Ham provided a huge amount of God-honoring truth (and even inserted the Gospel of salvation in Christ a few times)! Bill Nye the Science-Fiction guy rambled about science topics (with reckless assertions, such as assuming that a tree can only grow one growth ring per year, regardless of rainfall patterns!). Nye the Sci-Fi Guy obviously doesn’t understand basic microbiology (demonstrated by Nye’s confusion about asexual reproduction accomplished in bacterial cell division, i.e., mitosis). Contrastingly, Ken Ham countered and refuted every major challenge that Nye voiced (e.g., Ken documenting repeated examples of the hopeless unreliability of radiometric dating as a way to measure time in the unobservable past). Perhaps my favorite example of Ken Ham refuting Nye the Sc-Fi Guy was when Ken Ham provided video clips (and other evidences) showing satellite engineering science technology and medical science technology that illustrated how young-earth creation thinking can and does accompany some of the best scientific analysis and technology that this world has ever seen. So what will happen to sci-fi mouthpiece Nye if a modern hospital’s medical science practitioners tell him that he needs to submit to a medical MRI? Will Nye refuse the diagnostic treatment because he knows that the medical MRI device was invented by a young-earth creation scientist, Dr. Raymond Damadian? Or will Nye be a hypocrite and accept the scientific benefits of creation science applied to real-world medical technology? > JJSJ