As AD2013 comes to a close . . . .


What events will occur in the year of our Lord 2014?  How will our wonderful and holy Creator-God manifest His glory unto this groaning world, during Earth’s next lap around the sun?  How will we humans appreciate God’s redemptive and providential deeds?  Will we recognize His clever control of human affairs, as well as His caring kindness for those who appreciate His Word of grace?  Will I/we be habitually thankful?  Or will I be an ingrate, covetous of what others have, and wishing for what is not mine?  Some things I am not destined to have, and other things I am destined to have, later, but  not now.  Will I trust God to wisely assign my lot in life, so that my earthly days honor Him, bless others, and avoid unnecessary grief?  May this new year be one that glorifies my/our Lord Jesus Christ, as I/we strive to honor His written Word (the Holy Bible).  Happy, holy new year!  ><> JJSJ

COMMENTARY:  See James 4:13-15

Though many don’t value pigeons, doves are important in the Holy Bible.


The rock dove (a/k/a “pigeon”) is perhaps the most under-appreciated yet ubiquitous birds of the world.  Yet God the Holy Spirit descended upon the Lord Jesus Christ “like a dove” (Matthew 3:16-17) at the Lord’s baptism, and examples of the dove family were used as sacrificial offerings in Mary’s purification ceremony,  after Christ’s circumcision (Luke 2:22-24, following Leviticus 12:8).  Moreover, in the Old Testament Noah used a dove to determine when to leave the Ark (after the Flood — see Genesis 8:8-12), and there is even a prophet named “dove”, because “Jonah” (jonah) is the Hebrew word for dove.